A Practical Guide to Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Florida

Drug and alcohol treatment programs are on the rise and you’ll find many in Florida to suit your needs. For many it isn’t about the need for treatment, but the practicalities of that treatment and people’s lives.

When people are deciding to go to rehab, their decision isn’t always based off the need for help. Adults have lives and responsibilities and these things need to be considered when seeking treatment.
Types of treatment in Florida
As is the case in all parts of the country, there are different types of treatment in Florida. Some treatment programs focus on what is often called “intensive outpatient therapy.” This type of treatment costs less than traditional rehab where a person goes to stay because the patient stays in their home and maintains their responsibilities. This type of treatment usually requires that the patient go to two to three hour sessions three to four times weekly for a predetermined amount of time.

Others may find that they need constant guidance and the time away from life that inpatient rehabs can offer. These programs can range from 30 to 90 days and will depend on the severity of the addiction, the individual needs and the financial resources available to the individual.
In patient rehab can allow patients to have the time necessary to reflect on the lives they have been living as well as their addictions so they can emerge with a renewed sense of self and strength.

Cost of treatment
Often people don’t seek treatment for drug and alcohol dependence because they think that it will be cost prohibitive. The type of treatment you seek will likely depend on the cost and inpatient care can be costly. However, many rehabilitation centers offer financing so that you can get the best care possible without having to pay for it up-front.

Many medical insurance policies do cover the cost of some types of treatment, so if you have insurance it’s a good idea to check into what your policy covers before deciding on a type of treatment.
Responsibilities of life
Many people wonder what to do with their pets, children, homes and jobs should they choose to go to rehab. The problem for many is that they cannot take children and pets to inpatient rehab. They also wonder what will happen to their jobs.
Most states require that you be allowed to take time from work to seek treatment for drug and alcohol dependence.
The most commonly offered solution for those with children and pets is to have a close friend or family member take care of them while you are away. For those that don’t have this option, intensive outpatient care can be a more viable option.

If you feel that you need to go to rehab then you probably do. Remember that any treatment program will only work if you want it to. It is not a “magic cure” and takes work and determination, but you can live a healthy happy life and drug and alcohol treatment in Florida can help.

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