Uber Partners And Drivers Jump Ship

Uber has enabled thousands of people to make an income driving. However, the ridesharing firm have lowered their prices during the past twelve months, making life more challenging for their affiliated drivers. The uber partners and drivers who see this as their main source of income have seen their wage slashed by around fifty percent. Just a couple of years ago, the uber base rate stood at $2.00, $1.25 a mile, $0.20 a minute. These rates of pay ensured the drivers could make a living wage. However, life as an Uber driver has changed.
The uber partners and drivers have been hit hard by the company’s cost-cutting operation. In theory, the lower rate of pay means drivers must now work more hours to earn the same amount of money.
Is the Fare Increase Fair to Uber Drivers Worldwide?
Many drivers are unwilling to accept UberX drives owing to the lower rates of pay. So, what are the options? The uber partners and drivers can work more hours, travel more miles and hope for larger tips. A high percentage of Uber drivers are now earning as little as $9 an hour and customer complaints are growing. If a driver earned in excess of $16 an hour it would come as a shock.
Uber stated the lower rates were a temporary measure; however, the rates haven’t risen, just decreased further. Uber spokesmen from all four corners of the globe feel the lower rates have increased custom and created a demand for more uber partners and drivers.
Many drivers find it hard to understand their reasoning. Vast numbers of uber partners and drivers are thinking of quitting. The drivers feel they would prefer to find full-time work that offers a higher rate of pay. In reality, the Uber rates of pay leave little to be desired.

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